2013: A firework of innovations by iRoom

31.01.2013, 10:00

The award-winning iRoom iDock received a retrofit and comes with several new design and technology features.  In the 2013 configuration, iRoom’s iDock comes out of the box with magnetic mounted aluminum faceplates. In addition, all motorized models are now available with luxurious glass faceplates as an upgrade option.  iRoom has successfully integrated  Apple’s new lightning technology into the existing design. This proves the backwards- and forwards compatibility of the iDock to all iPadTM generations.  As long as Apple continues to shipp two different iPadTM generations, iRoom will add both connectors to the product packaging as a courtesy to its customers.


tl_files/iRoom/product information/iDock Glass 600x400px/iRoom's_iDock_Glass_Touchcode_landscape_black.jpg

The NEW 2013 iDock with glass finish



In addition, iRoom will be launching  miniDock, a stylish in-wall panel for Apple’s iPad miniTM, in early March 2013. The miniDock will be fully flush-mounted, manually operated and covered by a high-end glass faceplate.

tl_files/iRoom/product information/miniDock 600x600px/miniDock-B-landscape-opened.jpg

iRoom's new miniDock - available in March 2013.


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